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The memories hit him. His own. With Her it's easier than usual to remember them.

Years ago. Yesterday She says.

It's just another night to start with. Another night at some club. And you can't end the night alone. It's just not done.

And there she is. Glitter and eye-liner. Young, fresh, sparkling. A hint of her potential for much more glimmering beneath the surface.

A hint of untapped energy to get a taste of. The allure of a shiny new gadget, popped straight from the packaging.

More than that though. She needs to know about the other side of the whole she-bang. The down to go with the up. The cost of using the goods.

As it were.

And he was just the man to teach her that lesson. Along with a few other things perhaps.

"You're proud of that aren't you?"

Oh God. He couldn't resist. The urge to be a cocking arse. To try it on. Even with Her.

"Well maybe. But the shame you never lose."

The crunch of his face against the mirror registers in David Kohl's mind only after it has already happened.

"Don't you dare invoke THAT here. He can't reach you or protect you or..."

And then the raging of the angry Goddess shifts. Takes on a new flavour. An undercurrent of pity for the creature bleeding into the sink.

"Oh no. You believe it. You think this thing powered by obvious lust and buried guilt you've become is a man, not just another colour of boy. But you know what's worst about that story?"

He knows what's coming. He knows what he's like.

"You cared. You knew how it feels to be lonely, insecure, lost in flux, lost in everything. You understood. And you did it anyway."

Kohl can't look at the broken reflection of a man in the mirror anymore. He doesn't feel good about it, but it was necessary.

It's decided that it's time to get down to business. Not by him of course.

"One of my aspects is being interfered with: Britannia... You were close to her once, weren't you Kohl?"

Foreboding and unease strike up a chorus to go with the fast beating of his heart and the thud in his head.

"She...made me."

"And if she changed...whatever would you become?"

Nothing? A shadow of his former self? Sodding Dwayne Dibley?

Kohl doesn't get enough of chance to think about it before She continues.

"So go. Serve me and save yourself. And while you're not worthy to labour under my blessing, since you're so enamoured with guilt, perhaps a curse...for irony's sake, the curse."

His insides twist, contort, tear, some alien is trying to erupt from his abdomen.

He has to get out. Out away from all these women. Somewhere...safer.