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Kohl has not borne the witterings of occasional girlfriends for nothing. Sometimes he listens. Shocking, he knows.

It's still the reason he's waiting out in the cold and rain for Kid-with-Knife.

He can't do anything about the rain for now. He can't do anything about what the Goddess wants him to sort out either. But you know that scene in The Cell, where Vince Vaughn's guts are being slowly pulled out and wound around a spiked spit with a cute little handle?

Well, he can do something about his lower abdomen feeling a lot like that. And then maybe he can get a better grasp of this Goddess business.

And that involves smoking a cigarette in the rain, waiting for Kid. Kid isn't a Phonomancer. He is, however, a friend who can score something to take the edge off the cramps.

Kid, when he arrives, is almost entirely too cheerful for how Kohl is feeling. No matter. He can't help it.


The club isn't somewhere Kohl would have gone back to, if his insides didn't feel like they were being whisked with barbed wire. They do and so he's here.

At the door, Kid's confused for a moment.

"Can't you get us in for free?"

"Nah. Not one of my places. Not anymore."

The club where one young David Kohl learnt and practised his magic, where he was one an eye-linered indie kid, a trendy wine bar. Feels sacrilegious in a way. And strange. Seeing how it is now, but seeing how it was then at the same time. Memory overlapping with real life.

It's a dive masquerading as a trendy wine bar with it's hooks in a nostalgic past.

The kind of place where...

...yeah. There's a retromancer here.

Bastard nostalgia parasite. Living off the euphoric rememberings of yesteryear.

And here. In what used to be Kohl's temple.

Taking him out, might make it feel better for a while and could always get blamed on PMT. Or something. Not that anyone would know. The bastard's not supposed to be here. Yeah. Dealing with this worm would burn off some of the frustration and aggression that's building up and up the longer this curse-crap keeps up.

Just gotta get centred a bit, gather up some power, focus...

"Hey, Kohl. Do you believe in ghosts?"

...what? Kid's been chattering away the entire time they've been there but Kohl's not been listening. Until now. Sort of. He's got Kohl's attention now at least.

"I think I saw one earlier. Of Beth. Fucked up, man."


Outside, back in the rain, Kid will explain more. And he does.

"I think I saw a ghost earlier. Looked like Beth. Down by the weir."


"You know, the weird blonde girl who had a thing for you. I shagged her once, didn't I! I was SO out of my head."

Kid's chuckling at the memory, but Kohl isn't.

"Yes, Kid. I remember Beth."


Kid's not seen a ghost. Kohl knows that. Kid's as about as magic as Peter Andre's washboard stomach and Beth, as far as he knows, is still among the living.

But if someone like Kid has seen something transnormal? Something is definitely wrong, and knowing Kohl's luck, it's got to be tied up with what the Goddess has him looking into.

The weir is relatively easy to get to.

With bolt cutters. Kid's got them though. Somehow. And it's a short walk up the stairs and ...

It's Beth. She's a ghost and she's still here. Circa Britpop.


No answer.

"Beth? You cool?"

"I...It's just...I miss him. I don't...don't know where he is. I don't know where Richey is and I... I miss him so much."

And then there's Kid, kissing Beth, or at least that's what Kohl sees and that's what Kid remembers because Kid's not moved an inch while they've been watching Beth.

But that's just how it works for Kohl. Friends' memories are just as real as his own, when he sees them again.

"Beth?" It's worth a try. Kohl could get an answer from her and this would solve the whole sodding thing and he could get back to living.

"Why are you still here?"

"Richey. I won't leave him. I won't betray him. But what do you care? Fucking townie scum."

She's gone.

It's something to think about, how much they've changed since then and now. It's something to think about another time though. Now? It's time to go home and think about Beth and Richey and Britannia and what the hell is going on.
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