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Name:David Kohl
Hi. I'm David Kohl. Magician. Phonomancer. Complete arse.

"Sure, I can imagine liking him. If he died." - Beth

"He once ground up and snorted all my Sebadoh vinyl. It wasn't even for a spell." - Indie Dave

"Hmm. As a close personal friend, I'd say...second rate phonomancer, fourth rate human being. At best." - Emily Aster

"I taught him things. He betrayed me. Now, a goddess reaps her revenge. It's just how these things work." - Britannia

David Kohl is a devilishly handsome and charming man in his late twenties, with dark hair and glasses that give his youthful good looks a certain air of intelligence and mystery. Or so he would have you believe. And frequently does if the right song is playing.

Being a phonomancer, Kohl has a certain way with music and the ladies but mostly only when they are combined. Hell, he has a certain way with people if the music, the atmosphere, the energy is right.

David Kohl is currently timed to the end of Without Your Permission. Roughly.

Disclaimer: Kohl is from Phonogram, and is the property of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (who, incidentally, are awesome). He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

For a spoileriffic summary of Phonogram: Rue Britannia go here. Alternatively, in the words of Mr Gillen:

“Phonogram” is about Music and Magic. More so: Music /is/ Magic. After all – and stop me if you've heard me do this one before – how does a song change the way you feel? There's no scientific explanation why a series of notes alters someones emotional state, let the more extreme effects music has on some people (The Right Song In the Right Place can change someone's life). Now, if that's true, maybe there's people who know that, and use these magical effects to achieve their own ends. Let's call these people Phonomancers and make a comic about them. That's what Phonogram is about. Stripping away the metaphor, it's about art's relationship with humans: what we use it for and what it uses us for.

“Rue Britannia” is the story of a second-rate phonomancer called David Kohl, who spends his time cynically using his powers for cheap and seedy thrills. He's been a magician since the days of Britpop, a decade past, when the long-dead Goddess of the scene – the eponymous Britannia – introduced him to the mysteries of his fraternity. As we join the story, somethings happened to her and because of that, Kohl's personality starts to unravel. The story circles around Kohl trying to hunt down whoever's interfering with his old Patron and – more importantly – work out why he's trying to do this anyway, when he doesn't really give a damn about Britpop any more. It's about nostalgia, subjective memory, loss, the sick creature known as retro, history and the relations between the lot of them.

Additionally, under the right circumstances, Kohl can "remember" the memories of his friends - sometimes more vividly than his own memories, which I don't think gets mentioned in the summary linked above.
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