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Tonight was the night.

Well, strictly speaking, every night was "the" night. It was all just a matter of how much you believed and David Kohl believed in himself enough for a whole legion of himself.

Toxic enough to be interesting, but not too toxic that a little of the old Kohl magic couldn't get him more than his share of the action.

He was not, if anything, a charmless man.

Tonight was Ladyfest, not something that most would expect him to attend but Kohl liked a bit of a challenge. That, the energies he could tap there, the rumour that Lady Vox would be there and...

Well, a club full of women and one David Kohl? He was sure to get laid.

A cigarette and a moment dealing with the small issue of the guest list at the door and he was in, walking down a short corridor to another door and...
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